Sport and Art


My solo exhibition at the Body- and Health center Corpus in Oldenburg opened this week. What about stepping on a scale and look at some art?


Work out, sweat and be motivated by my colourful paintings.

DSC06283-kDSC06281-kDSC06277-kDSC06274-kDSC06273-kDSC06266-kDSC06265-kDSC06256-kDSC06255-kCathrin Gressieker-k

The exhibition is open to the public during the working hours of the sports center until June.

PS: A huge thanks goes to Susanne Schwartinsky-Probst for giving me the opportunity to show my work there and to Hubby for hanging and photography.



4 thoughts on “Sport and Art

  1. Gerne, meine Liebe. Sehr schöne Aufnahmen und natürlich superschöne Bilder. ABer das weißt du ja, dass ich ein Fan deiner schönen bunten Collagen bin 🙂 liebste Grüße

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