Print Collaboration with Happycloth

Happycloth_Cathrin Gressieker

Happycloth is a recently launched Greek company producing top-quality handmade silk scarves. I coudn’t be more proud when I found out that they chose 12 designs out of 45,000 textile patterns, and two of them were mine, ‘Leopink’ and ‘Ditsy’.

Happycloth_Cathrin Gressieker_Leopink

What makes them furthermore special is that the company decided to sell each scarf with the story of the inspiration and process of the design and asked the artists to contribute their background stories.

Happycloth_Cathrin Gressieker_Ditsy

The scarves are produced in the northern Greek town of Soufli and come in two sizes, 30cm square and 45cm square.

Happycloth_Cathrin Gressieker_Leopink_Pocket

If you are looking for a Christmas present, Happycloth was so generous as to give my blog readers a 15% discount on their scarves, just use the coupon code CGBLOG upon checkout.

Happycloth_Cathrin Gressieker_Ditsy_Bag

Here is an interesting article about the two cool Greek guys (both named Konstantinos) that started the company and sell their products on markets like London Portobello Road worldwide.