Client experience by Love Mi Peachy activewear (USA):

“When we discovered Cathrin’s textile artwork, we were immediately captivated. We have used many of Cathrin’s designs on our clothing and the response from our customers has been overwhelming.

We have since been extremely lucky to have worked with Cathrin on several custom projects, for which the experience has been seamless and enjoyable.

The quality of work Cathrin produces is truly awe inspiring, and we are so excited to work with her on future projects.”

Here is a selection of collaborations and artlicensing:


Nina Swim (Tahiti) Swimwear floral print

Caftanist (Malaysia) Four floral prints


Hani Mokhta (Malaysia) ‘Heirloom’ collection

Minerva (GB) Bolt fabric, floral print

La Fiancée (France) Tropical print

Bright Swimwear (Sweden) Tropical print

Pranella (UK) Resort collection print

Casa Palma (Costa Rica) Tropical print

Shakti Shanti yogawear (South Africa) Tropical print


Superbalist (SA) Floral print

Silver Pink (UK) Floral scarf print

Superbalist (SA) Floral print

Minerva (GB) Bolt fabric, floral prints Brushstroke Blooms, Greenhouse Flowers, Floral Jungle, Garden Greeting

Codello (Germany) Tropical print

Sew Dynamic Fabrics (USA) Bolt Fabric

Silver Pink (UK) Floral scarf prints

Superbalist (SA) Floral print

Baggallini (USA) Floral print

SKEA (USA), Activewear Monstera print

Bydee Australia Custom floral print

Erin Condren (USA) Tropical print for stationary

Superbalist (SA) Floral print

Mal Swim (USA) Floral print

Jim Thompson (Thailand) Floral print

FLEO shorts activewear (USA) Floral print

Miss Versa (Canada) Floral print

Sun ‘N’ Sand Accessories (USA) Tropical print

Lia Sahara Swimwear (Italy) Tropical print

Sun ‘N’ Sand Accessories (USA) Tropical print

Superbalist (SA) Floral print

Love Mi Peachy (USA) women’s activewear


Bydee Australia ‘Diana’ floral print for Empress collection

Superbalist (SA) Tropical print

Sika’a (UK) Lino poppies print

New Kear’s (Canada) floral swimwear print

Bella Shop (USA) peony print

Particolari (Italy) ‘Rainbow Roses’ print

Bydee Australia ‘Aurora’ floral print for Queen collection

Love Mi Peachy (USA) women’s activewear

baggalini (USA) ‘Dark Garden’ print

Made in Italy (Italy) Bolt Fabric ‘Dalia’ print

Dress like Marie (Finnland) Tropical tunic print

Dress like Marie (Finnland) Floral print

Blossom Yoga Wear (UK) Yoga leggings

Peachy Athletic (USA) activewear

Skea (USA) activewear


Marie Zelie (Poland) Cherries & berries print

Dress like Marie (Finnland) Floral print

Laetitia by Tatiana Robles (Colombia) Resort collection

FLEO shorts activewear (USA)


Pranella (UK) Beachwear collection

FLEO shorts activewear (USA) Tie Dye collection

Johnny Schembri (Australia) Resort collection

Waboba (Sweden) Water bouncing balls

Junior Foxes (Canada) Baby slings

Shakti Shanti yogawear (South Africa) Monstera print

FLEO shorts activewear (USA) Butterfly print

Sun ‘N’ Sand Accessories (USA)

Shredly activewear (USA)

FLEO shorts activewear (USA) Tie Dye collection


FLEO shorts activewear (USA) Tropical print

KOSHA socially conscious yoga wear (Belgium)

24Bottles sustainable steel bottles (Italy) Clima collection

Plum Practicewear (USA) “Fall True to School” collection ‘Jubilee’ print

Born Primitive Activewear (USA)

Quench Activewear (USA)

Shakti Shanti yogawear (South Africa)

Dress like Marie all-size women’s apparel (Finland)

The Planner Society (USA)

Plum Practicewear (USA) Summer and Winter collection

Angel Circle all-size women’s apparel (Denmark)

24Bottles sustainable steel bottles (Italy) Tropical collection

Vida Cayo beachwear (Bahamas)


Isy B. Luxury Caribbean fashion (Cayman Islands)

Happycloth silk scarves (Greece/UK)

Shakti Shanti yogawear (South Africa)

FLEO shorts activewear (USA)

Fleo for Doughnuts & Deadlifts activewear (USA)