#the100dayproject 2018 Days 51-100

I really had fun with this year’s project! And I really made a page every day.

Cathrin Gressieker_Days 51-75 2018

I loved seeing nature further unfold in May and June for the second part of the project and tried a couple of new techniques. Hand painted watercolour was my go-to-technique, but I also tried tighter illustration styles and some designing on the iPad. One of the best new tools was getting Chinese calligraphy brushes for painting with watercolour.

Cathrin Gressieker_Days 76-100 2018

The last 11 days were painted while travelling in Georgia (the country, not the state ;-). My travel sketchbook was not as able in absorbing watercolour and making it flow like my regular sketchbook and this challenged me to try different styles of painting – inspired by the Botanical Gardens of Tbilisi, breathtaking hiking in the Caucasus, rainy days at the Black Sea and the hospitality and beauty of the country and its people.

Here are all 100 days put together in a video. Can you guess what my most depicted flower was?

Video 100 Days of Flowers with Cat 2018

Peonies, closely followed by poppies. I thank everybody who followed along and encouraged and inspired me on the way. I can only repeat how much fun I had and that creating something new every day, whatever my circumstances and mood was like, become so much of a new habit, that I decided to continue. I used to think that I can only draw every day on vacation, with new inspiration and more time at hand. But I can fit in 30 minutes a day at home and it makes a difference in my creative flow. The more you create, the more you create,  creativity can’t be used up. But as I also have the attention span and commitment capacity of a fickle teenager, I decided to do weeks of … I have already done a Week of Leaves, a Week of Sea & Sand and a Week of Procreate. All my explorations can be seen over on my Instagram. To more daily creating!