My Shop is Open

art pillows


I got so many encouraging responses to my art pillows last week, that I decided to open my shop with Society6. So now not only these pillows are for sale, but also a whole lot of other products with my paintings and pattern on them.

A few examples:

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Society6 also produces art and canvas prints, laptop skins, shower curtains, duvet covers, T-shirts and more. If you don’t know Society6 yet, they are a Santa Monica based company that produce and ship the product in behalf of the artist. The artist gets 10% of the sales revenues.

I hope, you’ll like my shop and check it out. And there are thousands of other great artists and their products to discover! Hubby was infected right away and opened a shop in his own right with his photographs here. And even if I’ll never sell a piece, it’s so rewarding for your ego to see your stuff on products 😉