Pattern 8/52

This week’s pattern I designed for a Spoonflower design challenge called “coral, mint, black and white”.


And these are exactly the colours you are supposed to work with, and only these colours. Not the usual palette I am drawn to, but a very refreshing inspiration, I found. For my pattern I used one basic hand-drawn shape of a bud.

spoonflower coral mint black white

Let’s call the pattern “sophisticated buds”.

This is how it looks like as a bedding mock-up:

sophisticated buds bedding

It is the first time I enter a Spoonflower contest, so I decided to brush up my Spoonflower page and add some more designs. You can see it here, if you like. Voting for this design contest starts on Thursday, March 5th. You can still submit until March 3rd. Good luck everyone!