Pattern 1/52

I am happy to announce a new year-long project today!

As my three 365-day-projects have ended with the end of last year, I first felt some relieve for a while this month. Carolina has stopped taking her afternoon naps coinciding with the end of the photo-project and I can declutter now only when I feel like it. But I must admit, that I am not able to spend my two-Euro-coins anymore, I am collecting them again this year. Yet this doesn’t challenge me enough on a creative level, of course. Not that I could complain about too little creative projects in my life … I draw, paint and design on a daily basis and I am taking a couple of art and design e-courses this year again. There is A Year of Painting II with Alena Hennessy, Assignment Bootcamp with the Lilla Rogers Studio School and The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design with Rachael Taylor.

And surface pattern design will be my year-long-project – I will create (at least!) and post one pattern each week of 2015. My pattern-design-passion has started last year in October when I took Jessica Swift’s excellent weekend-intensive-workshop Pattern Camp (she is re-running the course february 7-8) and further developed my new skills with Rachael Taylor’s and Lilla Roger’s classes and hours and hours of burning the midnight oil.

As we are already the fourth week into January, I will be catching up posting patterns over the next days.

Here is my first pattern 1/52 – Flower Crystals:

Cathrin Gressieker_flower crystals mock-up-blog-pattern

Purely created in Illustrator and mocked up on a notebook.

I have recently discovered while designing that I am very much drawn to geometrical patterns and perfectly timed print & pattern’s new book has just been released:

Cathrin Gressieker_DSC06188-k

So much eye candy and inspiring designs!

I must say, I am very excited about my project of 2015 which will be great for experimenting, having fun, staying motivated and further building my pattern portfolio.

PS: Here is another Pattern Camper, Stephanie, who had the idea first.

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  1. I also love geometrics! I’ll definitely be checking out the new Print and Pattern book. I’m so glad you’re joining in on 52 patterns. I want it to be something where we are all creating and sharing and growing together.

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