Co-Lab V

Doris and me painted again last weekend – and this time we went from big size canvases to small cardboard pieces.  And I felt like bringing my gelliplate into the game. So we spent a couple of lovely Sunday hours monoprinting while it was raining outside, once in a while one of my daughters joined us and Hubby was so presentable and supplied us with matcha lattes, vegan chocolate cookies – and pizza once the living room table was cleaned up again.


I have been working mostly digitally for most of June and July and have been drawing in my sketchbook – so the switch to messy paint took a little bit of courage again. But then the whole process of printing is so relaxing, you can work without expectations, go with flow and the results are always surprising. So my Sunday surprise was that a lot of my prints turned out having a Japanese style:

Cathrin Gressieker_monoprint MG_1087

Or what I consider Japanese style from my European perspective. I have never been to Japan, but would really love to go one day.