The March Collection

Even though this month saw the returning of the light and the beginning of spring, my collection of the month focuses on darkness and twilight. It is based on a WGSN trend for Autumn/Winter 2017/18 called “Nocturne” and was the topic of Chelsea’s Challenge of the Textile Design Lab. During the time of the development of the collection I also took a briliant 6-week-e-course with Pattern Observer called Photoshop for Designers I +II with Photoshop guru Sherry London. I naturally gravitate towards Photoshop in my design process and in this course I discovered so much more! Tools like the Art History Brush and the Mixer Brush have a totally new meaning to me and I never knew what the Smudge Tool was there for. The Gradient Map became familiar to me and and and … So it was a natural process that I incorporated some of the learned new techniques into this collection:


You can see more amazing student work for this challenge on the Pattern Observer Pinterest Board here.