Pattern 21/52

This week on a rainy May afternoon I was knitting away on my leftover blanket (a project that’s been already going on years!), when I realized how much I liked the random colour combination of green, purple and light pink.

Cathrin Gressieker_knitting_IMG_0372-b-k

And the colours reminded me of something I have seen recently, what was it? Then I remembered all the blossoming lilac trees at the moment, one tree even right in our garden which I see from the kitchen window.

I went outside and snapped a picture and ran it through the chip-it-tool online to generate a colour palette.


How could I resist colours named “forward fuchsia” and “exuberant pink”? For the pattern,  I didn’t feel very much like drawing blossoms by hand. After all the painting messiness of last month for my recent exhibition, I longed for some clean designing on the computer. I decided to try a scallop pattern, which is basically just moving circles around – a bit retro, a bit asian and it looks a bit like garter stitch in knitting. After one pattern I got into experimenting mood and tried a couple of different versions.

lilac scallops

I like that it is an organic and natural colour palette and I tested the patterns on some pillow mock-ups:

Cathrin Gressieker_lilac scallops pillows

These pattern would also look good on stationary, gift wrap and mugs.