Pattern 16/52

As you might have noticed by now, I am quite addicted to online art courses. Addicted is probably not the right word – e-courses are just such a gift of modern technology. You can learn from top artists and teachers, be part of a supportive worldwide online community and have some schedule and assignments to keep you motivated and for structuring your creative time.

This week Module 3 of ABSPD (The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design) started. I took Module 1 in October last year and Module 3 in January and I can see and feel how my designs have evolved and how much I have learned all along the surface pattern way.

This is another 5-week-intensive course and there is only one problem for me now – making time for art and designing. I am teaching more yoga classes at the moment and then there is the usual family bustle. So it’s all about finding small windows of time. We were given an assigment for designing 6 patterns for a giftwrap – non floral and non organic, please! Everything else was possible, geometric, ornate, abstract, textural. For late 30’s affluent female customers (would that be me?).

I went for textural and made some textures with black acrylic paint in my studio.


The finished giftwrap collection came together in Photoshop and Illustrator (in the wee hours of Saturday morning). I wanted to keep it loose, free and playful.

These are all placement prints, but could be made into repeating patterns easily. I am warmed up now for the coming weeks of pattern designing.

Cathrin Gressieker giftwrap collection