Pattern 15/52

This week’s pattern is again a by-product of the Make Art that Sells course Part B, its 5th and final week was dedicated to Party Paper – paper plates, napkins, paper cups, wrapping paper etc. Our inspiration – the mini – was Bavarian and Ukrainian folk art. Ok, I am half-German (but not Bavarian) and half-Russian (but not Ukrainian), so this had something of a homey feel. But – I wasn’t at home at all, we were on our family trip in Amsterdam during most of the week. The good thing is, inspiration is everywhere. And the mini warm-up exercise gave me some kind of tunnel vision in the back of my head (if that’s the right term) for our time in easy-going Amsterdam. You can see my inspiration from what I brought home from Amsterdam. The latest Dutch edition of Flow magazine had a great folksy illustration by Uzbekistan-born Dinara Mirtalipova in it and I remembered having seen her work in the German Flow magazine as well. Folk art is a lot about flowers and birds and the idea for the birds came flying to me while seeing the Matisse exhibition with this paper cutouts. Let’s try a Matisse-inspired folk art thing! I took some coloured paper with me from the children’s corner as I wanted to bring some original Amsterdam flavour home, plus a limited colour palette can be such a liberation also. My mind was set.

Back at home I started the manifestation.

Cathrin Gressieker DSC06585-k

Cathrin Gressieker DSC06587-k

All my cutouts. And then I started glueing. A bit scary, so final. Here is the paper plate.

Cathrin Gressieker DSC06592-k

Over the course of the first day back at home I glued together this plate, a napkin and a cup. And then I scanned them all in and brought them into Photoshop for final tweaks and presentation.

Cathrin Gressieker_Matisse in Amsterdam_4B_WK5

As the “fairy art mother” of the MATS courses Lilla Rogers says, you can reuse the art and icons for one market for other markets. And I did that for another upcoming Spoonflower contest “Flowers for Mom Border Print” – a floral border print design for Mother’s Day. Here – at last, if you made it that far – comes my pattern of the week “Amsterdam in April”:

Cathrin Gressieker _Amsterdam in April pattern

And tested on an apron template (the template comes from Jenna Frye’s Skillshare class “Introduction to Surface Design: Creating And Mixing Patterns”, that you could watch for free this week):


Looks pretty Dutch, doesn’t it?

 You can enter the contest until Tuesday, April 28th. Voting will open on Thursday, April 30th.