Pattern 13/52

Stoff’n is a German company similar to Spoonflower – I did my first printed pattern design with them and was really happy with the quality. They are not as big as Spoonflower, but they also do pattern contests, on a monthly basis. “Faith” is the theme of the current contest and it took me some time to come up with an idea for this. But you know, as a yoga teacher, I went into that direction with prayer beads called malas.

om yoga pearls

The colours inside the malas come from paintings of mine (you know, still enjoying my new favourite Photoshop trick of filling a shape with a pattern with just one click). The purple backgrounds makes the malas pop and is also the colour associated with the highest chakra, the crown chakra – your bridge to the cosmos, your spiritual connection and through it you can reach your higher potential.

What about some yoga props?


If you like my design, I would be honoured if you voted for me. Alas, the voting process is not as easy as Spoonflower’s, you have to be signed up with Stoff’n for it – here is the link to the contest gallery. Om Om Om.