Pattern 12/52

My pattern of the week comes from week 2 of the Make Art that Sells course, where Baby Apparel was the featured market. The warm-up drawing exercise was “seahorses”. I must say, I have always loved seahorses since I was little. Did you know that seahorses are the only known species in the world where the male has the babies? That could make a cool daddy & me baby T-shirt, but who would get the meaning? So this was not such a good concept. Another thing about seahorses that I found out is, that they do a very beautiful mating dance, for hours and days (you can see a video here). So I went with the love thing (didn’t I also do “love” for last week’s assignment, but you know, LOVE is my word for 2015). So the main assignment was to create patterns for baby apparel using our seahorse sketches.

seahorse love collection


I designed a main pattern, coordinates and also did some onesie mock-ups. Not bad for one week. There are so many talented people in this course and you can learn so much just by seeing their work (and doing your own, of course!). More LOVE next week!