My Moods Movie

Last Sunday was the last day of my summer vacation and totally incidentally also the last day of my 100-day-project. Some say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, others say 28 or 66 days. So 100 days are plenty! I started on April 27 2016 and painted my 100 days all through spring and summer. At home and then later travelling in Montenegro. And I loved, loved, loved it. That love didn’t go away. I wrote about it 14 days into the project and later at 50 moods.

To celebrate the completion of #the100dayproject I put my moods into a movie:

Cathrin Gressieker_Mood Movie

These are all the Daily Moods that I painted when I was at home. For my time of summer travelling I took another sketchbook with me that is a square format. It is filled with daily moods that are heavily influenced by each beautiful place we visited, glorious days at the Mediterranean sea along with other sketches.

Cathrin Gressieker_Summer Sketchbook 2016

So, that’s it? No way! I have formed a creative habit now that I love and turned it into a 365-day-project. This kind of play with colours and shapes in my sketchbook is just too much fun and I want to keep up the daily momentum. While the painting process is all about experimentation, exploration and fun for me and I do it just for the sake of it, these Daily Moods sometimes turn into the beginnings of pattern designs and paintings, may it be for an interesting colour palette, texture or something I would love to explore further. And as each day is a new day, fresh and unique with possibilies for growth, change and happiness, I love seeing these Daily Moods reflecting that.