Co-Lab III & IV

Doris Reske and me have just had some productive painterly weeks – we have our new exhibition at Gross & Gross in Oldenburg, where we show mostly our individual artwork and only one Co-Lab painting. But for upcoming art shows we would like to have more large Co-Lab canvases to exhibit. So we had two Saturday painting sessions recently and worked on two 100×100 cm canvases (40”x40”), which we switched often.

Colab 3 Doris Reske Cathrin Gressieker

After this three-hour-session one canvas was quite figurative and the second one totally abstract.  And they stayed like this during the next painting session:

Colab IV Reske Gressieker

During the painting process the paintings felt like nowhere coming together and would need another painterly afternoon together, but then suddenly it clicked. And interestingly enough, each of us made the last stroke on the very painting we had started on.

Reske Gressieker IMG_0457-k

Reske Gressieker 30-5-k