Joan & Vincent


original painting

acrylic on paper




original painting

acrylic on paper

‘Joan & Vincent’ is a new painting in my expressive floral series, with a free approach and is a bold celebration of life.

Joan Mitchell and Vincent Van Gogh were both inspired by sunflowers. Both were not French, but lived in France and painted their best work there. Joan Mitchell had a whole garden of giant sunflowers in Vétheuil, near Paris, were Claude Monet had lived a century before her. They both painted sunflower series, 70 years apart. Mitchell was inspired by Van Gogh. I am inspired by Mitchell.

It is painted using quality, high pigmented and light-fast acrylic on acrylic painting paper. It comes with a protective varnish coat. It is not framed.

My paintings are securely packaged, insured and shipped through a reputable courier to ensure they reach you safely.

If you have any questions about ‘Joan & Vincent’ or any other piece, please just let me know.