DSC01879-k-cropHello, thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you are here. My name is Cat(hrin) and this is my virtual studio where I share my colourful (and mostly pink) adventures in painting, designing patterns and crafting together with my experiences as a Kundalini Yoga teacher, mama of two girls, wife to Hubby, traveller and vegan foodie.

My art + surface pattern design website:


Is my studio really pink?

Yes, it has a pink wall and pink light coming from the ceiling lamp.

And do I really have a couch in my studio?

No, not yet. The couch is a symbolic leftover from my Berlin student days, when I had a boho winter coat with a pink fake fur collar and an overall pattern on it that reminded my flatmate of a couch. Hence the name.

Please do not use any content or images from this site without my permission. You can contact me at catcouch@web.de

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