Cosmic Telephone & Fingernails

  I have already painted on a round canvas board this year and now I grabbed an oval one.

Cathrin Gressieker DSC06750-k

Cathrin Gressieker DSC06751-k

Cathrin Gressieker cosmic telephone - call me DSC06759-k
the finished painting is called: “cosmic telephone: call me”

The painting is influenced by a lesson in Alena Hennessy’s A Year of Painting 2, encouraging the use of black & white for classy elegance – but you can see, there is still a bit of pink in the upper left corner, from one layer that was a pink background. The collage circles are again from Indian paper bought in Amsterdam.

Speaking of classy elegance, I never paint my fingernails. But in another e-course that I am taking right now, Module 3 of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, one exercise was to design a pattern for fingernails! I had just finished the painting and had fun digitally applying it in Illustrator:

Cathrin Gressieker nail-art

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